Improving the Process

William Divine got his start in the industry of mineral prospecting in the region of Pilbara, in North Western Australia. His expertise has, since that time, brought him all over Australia and all over the world–to North America, Asia, and Africa too. He is one of the individuals in the industry who believes that technology can improve the process, and efficiency, of mineral prospecting.

Aegirine is a silicate mineral and one that is very interesting to almost any mineralogist or geologist. It’s Mohs hardness is in the 5-6 range, which means it is basically just of average hardness, right in the middle of the scale. Aegirine has a glassy luster and commonly occurs in alkalic igneous rocks, carbonatites, and pegmatites.

Areas where Aegirine can be found in high concentrations include Quebec, Norway, Greenland, Russia, Arkansas, Kenya, Nigeria, and Scotland. The mineral was first found in Norway in 1835. The mineral remains important, despite its old age and lack of commercial uses.

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