Mordenite in Fundy

William Divine is a mineral prospector who has earned a great reputation in the industry. His considerable experience with mineral prospecting spans twenty years of activities. During that time he has become an expert in reviewing and identifying mineral deposits. His work has allowed him to travel all over the world, too, from where he originally worked in Australia, to Asia, North America, and Africa.

Mordenite is a zeolite mineral with a number of commercial uses. Henry How first found it in 1864 near Morden, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was found along of Bay of Fundy, so it’s really just because of the decisiveness of How that it wasn’t named Fundynite!

Mordenite comes in a number of colors, including colorless, white, or even faintly pink or yellow. Examples of Mordenite can be found in Italy, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, India, and Iceland. Marine sediments have been known to contain Mordenite too, especially around the Isle of Arran in Scotland and by the Ural Mountains.

Mordenite is a zeolite, which usually means it is an absorbent. They are used in everything from laundry detergents and water purification to agriculture and medicine.

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